Manitoban Artist Program

Submission form: Here

Do you have a design you want to put on a t-shirt?

Join the Manitoban artist program!

My goal is to take nothing away from artists and give you a place to sell your designs on t-shirts. Large scale on-demand printing companies can be tough to navigate or be accepted into so I am keeping it local to Manitoban creators.

I will have non-exclusive rights to print and sell your image meaning you retain your full rights to use it anywhere else you like.

The sale of each item will cover my expense, labour, taxes and shipping, the rest goes to the artist.

There is no guarantee of sales but zero cost to you - if your image sells I will do the rest and you get paid.

All designs submitted are subject to approval based on the safe space policy and must be your own work.



See designs by local artists under Shop - Manitoban Artists