An increase in strength or quality; an upward trend.
See also: growth, improvement, rise.

Today's market is fierce, and we need to be adaptable to keep up with constantly changing needs. I chose this name because I've never intended to stay in one place, one niche, one market, I intend to grow. 

 Upswing Artworks is a small business based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba that is Solely owned and operated by myself, Kara Bjornson (She/Her). I will always aim to foster a safe space and uplift the community around me however I can. There is something for everyone here.

 I created Upswing Artworks in June 2021 as a way to mix my love of art, thrifting and fashion. It quickly expanded into providing custom clothing services & more. Instead of creating new garments I print my designs on second-hand clothing, this makes everything more affordable, fights fast fashion and gives each piece a unique feel that you can't get from a generic t-shirt. All pre-loved clothing is quality checked by hand.

Custom orders may still order in brand new garments from a catalog.

When you support my small business, your purchase goes towards things like; rent, groceries, vet bills, supplies to create new art, And not things like; a billionaires bank account.

I appreciate you.


 Kara Bjornson, Sole Owner & Operator


Please forward any questions to upswingartworks@gmail.com or use the contact form.