An increase in strength or quality; an upward trend.
See also:growth, improvement, rise.

Today's market is fierce, and we need to be adaptable to keep up with constantly changing needs. I chose this name because I've never intended to stay in one place, one niche, one market, I intend to grow. 


  • Highly impressed with the quality and ease of use! I sent a custom text image in and my vision was brought to reality — I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll definitely be ordering again — thank you so much!

    -Brittney C

  • So perfect! I wanted something pretty specific and they were so helpful and it turned out exactly as I wanted it.


  • I couldn't be more happy. My masks turned out just like I hoped they would. And she even threw in some extra's! Thank you so much!

    -Denise, Sisterhood Candles